Kingston U disk repair tool 1 3b1 green version

Kingston U disk repair tool is a repair Kingston backup usb flash drive automatically storage device software, users only need to insert the U disk computer, use Kingston U disk repair tool scan repair and production can be restored to their own u disk into a new Just factory appearance.

Kingston U disk repair tool features

We have here to provide two Kingston U disk repair tool, one is only used to mass production of your Kingston U disk, the other one can restore the U disk data, including but not limited to word documents, photo files, pdf documents, cad file. Whether your file is deleted or formatted, use Kingston u disk repair tool can be effectively restored.

[Kingston U disk repair tool to use]

1, first open the 'Kingston U disk repair tool' this software, insert the U disk.

2, will be in the 'DEVICE 1' where the detection of U disk (if not, use another Kingston U disk repair tool)

3, then press 'Start All'. When finished, re-insert the U disk

Another Kingston U disk repair tool to use the method is more simple, click on the repair can be