Recently, Shanghai Lovesoft Software Co., Ltd. launched its flagship product, Lovesoft Backup Software 2.0, which is a network backup software that Aihua spent four years trying to build for Chinese enterprises and institutions. The whole product has been added Hundreds of features are designed to create an enterprise-class backup platform for users with unified protection, comprehensive protection and security.

Love the number of backup software 2.0 Internet version as the number of love security backup program cornerstone, depending on the user's size is divided into Enterprise Edition and Small Business Edition, in Microsoft Windows and Linux environment to provide operating system, application systems and file data comprehensive protection. The new backup engine supports new features such as centralized backup, forced backup, and secure backup. The easy-to-use centralized management mode of the web interface greatly satisfies the daily PC backup and server backup requirements in the LAN. In addition, through multi-level management console, multi-media asynchronous real-time synchronization and other technologies, multi-sectoral and cross-regional branch offices to provide hierarchical protection and D2D2R remote disaster recovery.

According to He Hongfu, general manager of the number of love, said: 'At present, 95% of the domestic enterprises and institutions have not implemented an effective backup plan, hidden behind this figure is the number of love is very worried about the number, and the main reason for this situation Including the existing product cost of ownership and cost of use, as well as the status quo in China, the important data scattered IT structure, the lack of a backup product to meet these needs of Chinese users. '

Unified protection strategy

Love the number of backup software 2.0 Web Edition provides a powerful unified protection strategy, through a Web management interface, to achieve the unified management of servers and PCs. 2.0 network server protection, covering the Windows and Linux platforms, and supports 32-bit and the latest 64-bit technology and the latest RedHat Linux Enterprise, SUSE Linux and so on. Adopting the unique 'clustering' technology, we realize the incremental hot backup and disaster recovery of the server system. Users only need one set of software to fully protect the server operating system, applications and databases.

Love the number of backup software 2.0 online version of PC backup is particularly powerful, using ordinary client, client security and background client can achieve PC centralized backup, PC security backup and PC forced backup. And in the realization of file backup, in its point of origin of the original automatic synthesis backup technology, greatly reducing the backup bandwidth. In addition, the number of love in the PC backup for mail backup using the 'block image' technology to support all common mail client mail-level incremental backup, including best outlook backup software, Outlook Express, Foxmail, Thunderbird and so on.

Shandong FAW Love is the earliest application of its online version of the overall backup of one of the users, in understanding the love number 2.0 network version of the powerful features, immediately decided to upgrade the original 1.3 network version 2.0 network version. Director of Shandong FAW said: 'Since the beginning of 2007, the company has started to use AiSoft backup software to protect its 500PC and several 10 servers, and the products have been running very well.But after knowing that the launch of 2.0S network, its stronger management The introduction of a large number of new technologies for PC backup and the addition of Linux server backup can effectively solve the management complexity and cross-platform environment protection of a large number of PC backups, 'We plan to include 500 new PCs and servers in our new plant to provide a unified platform for data protection and mutual data disaster recovery between new and existing plants.'

Secure client

In this version of Love 2.0 released online, there is a very innovative feature: a secure client, which is used to protect the PC in the PC backup of confidential or critical information is not stolen during the backup process Or illegally accessed. After deploying the secure client, you must have legitimate authentication to gain access to client source data and use AES256 to automatically encrypt data on the transport and on your storage media.

Ningbo Xunhui is a typical small and medium-sized enterprise in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces. Its enterprise information application is very early, and now the entire company adopts computer office. As a new user of 2.0 Web Edition application, Ningbo Xunhui said: 'I love back-up software 2.0 online version is not only easy to help me to achieve a centralized backup of the company's PC and server, and I deploy a separate network backup in the finance department, All security clients are used for security backup, which not only solves the problem of important data in the finance department but also meets the requirements of the boss that they can not be accessed by non-financial department personnel. '


As one of the leading providers of data protection solutions in China, Lovesoft pioneered the secure backup with the help of 2.0 Web Edition, which has aroused widespread concern in the industry. 2.0 online version of the launch, but also love the number of its commitment to independent innovation. Its key features of unified management and secure backup are believed to provide more effective protection for the data security of enterprises and institutions in the data security risks of the informatization process in domestic enterprises. And its origins in China, serving China, rooted in China's operating principles, to provide users with the most cost-effective professional-grade backup software.