My laptop does not recognize U disk how to do

Sometimes again and again or plug a change or try to change it, if the two methods are not that should be installed special drive, the next driver wizard, and then insert the U disk, and then open the driver wizard, will automatic backup external usb hard drive detection of the need to install the driver.

usb hard drive automatic backupUSB port contact is not good.

Approach: unplug, wait ten seconds and then plug the USB port, so that contact intact;

The computer's USB function is not turned on,

Solution: start the computer into the BIOS settings, find the USB function options, select 'enable';

Flash drive does not install the driver (WIN98 system),

Solution: mouse point 'My Computer', select the property to find 'Universal Serial Bus', delete one of the USB MASS STORAGE items, then click 'Refresh', and then follow the prompts to reinstall the driver.