Cisco today announced the launch of significant new products based on all product categories of the collaboration strategy platform while announcing the move to two new markets for enterprise social software and hosted email, enabling businesses to enjoy the powerful collaboration benefits of an online online community.

outlook backup software reviewsCisco's new offering takes full advantage of video and voice-based communications and enables real-time and asynchronous collaboration between natural people and between businesses and businesses through the use of a variety of media and devices.

The new Cisco TelePresence, Cisco Unified Communications and Cisco WebEx solutions have helped organizations significantly improve collaboration by enabling internal transfers of video, voice and presence information.

New, unified communications products with state-of-the-art technology enable secure inter-enterprise communications over any IP network, enabling telecom operators to deliver differentiated services.

The new Cisco Enterprise Instant Messaging (IM) and presence solutions with Jabber XMPP help people quickly find colleagues inside and out of their organization and collaborate by connecting with them.

Cisco Managed Directories can document the organization and location of Cisco TelePresence, effectively streamlining the organization of telepresence meetings between enterprises.

Cisco's new Enterprise Social Software Solution enables organizations to establish a secure video community and manage content autonomously through a new social video system.

Cisco's hosted email offering, launched after Postpath, helps enterprise IT enable cloud efficiency and take full advantage of current investments in Microsoft outlook sync software reviews clients.

Cisco's new medianet-enabled product enhances the collaborative end-user experience gained by end users across devices, applications and clients. Medianet is an intelligent network optimized for rich media.

The new Media Processing Engine solution provides speech-to-text conversion and live video transcoding capabilities to not only share web content and deliver it to any end device, but also Cisco TelePresence HD interoperability HD interoperability requirements.

The innovative search platform dynamically tags content that is being transmitted over the network and provides real-time, cross-application views across the organization to pinpoint and quickly connect to the most appropriate expert or required information.

Newly released products will be provided in the form of on-premise, on-demand, software-as-a-service, or a combination of these three Users, enabling them to be deployed step-by-step according to business process needs without technical limitations.

Release new details

The new TelePresence and Unified Communications solutions break organizational boundaries and allow for easy communications between businesses

Mail, Messaging and Web presence tools

Cisco enters new markets with enterprise social software products

Cisco's enterprise-ready social software solution allows users the flexibility to form teams and communities in a highly secure manner. With Cisco technology, organizations can not only shape teams based on people's expertise and job relevance, regardless of where they are located, but also enable experts to collaborate effectively with asynchronous tools and real-time voice and video.

Give users a new medianet-ready device to optimize their network to better support video, voice and collaboration

With three new networking appliances that help users upgrade their IP network to medianet, Cisco, combined with the recently introduced second generation of Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISR G2), gives users new Web-based capabilities to further their collaboration capabilities.

The Cisco Media Experience Engine 3500 and Cisco Media Experience Engine 5600, part of the Cisco media processing product family, provide real-time video transcoding capabilities to share content with any endpoint over the network. With innovative features such as voice-over-scripting, videos can be easily searched and accessed on the web, just like current text and web pages. The MXE 5600 also provides standards-based interoperability for multiple video terminals, allowing Cisco TelePresence to share video conferencing equipment with other companies. Cisco Pulse, an innovative search platform, dynamically tags content that is being transmitted over the network and provides real-time cross-application views across the organization. This smart product enables people to pinpoint and quickly connect to the most suitable specialist and find the information they need.

Customer and Executive Support Introduction:

Ken Harvey, Chief Information Officer at HSBC, said: 'Collaboration is the foundation of our One HSBC strategy and we design, build and deploy products with the intelligence and insight of our employees in dozens of countries, Systems and processes to better serve our global customers Cisco's excellent collaboration technologies and management processes have helped us to create a feature rich environment that provides stronger support for teamwork. '

Tony Bates, Cisco's senior vice president and general manager of large, business and small businesses, said: 'At the moment, companies are facing several important trends such as business globalization, IT consumerization, information explosion and staff mobility. Require companies to change their mode of operation. Cisco designed its collaborative strategy and product line specifically to support this new way of working. Cisco can leverage existing infrastructure, managed SaaS solutions or a combination of both to deploy on the client in any order and schedule, depending on the business goals of the organization. \u0026 quot;


Take Outlook 2010 + WIN7 as an example:

outlook sync backup portableOutlook data file default save location is C: \\ Users \\ username \\ AppData \\ Local \\ Microsoft \\ Outlook, usually for document security reasons, will need to save the PST file to a disk other than the system disk, in order to avoid system crashes need to reinstall When lost.

POP3 type of account to modify PST file location Method:

In the [Control Panel] \u0026 gt; [e-mail] \u0026 gt; [e-mail] is selected in the account of the account type POP3 SMTP / lower left corner that is the option 'Edit Folder' will appear.

The following is an excerpt from the official Microsoft help, follow this procedure can be.

IMAP type of account to modify PST file location Method:

PST files for IMAP type account, neither option 'Edit Folder', can not operate according to the official guidelines OFFICE operation. As long as the detected because each Outlook PST file in the default path does not exist, it will automatically reconstruct the original position .pst data file.

For IMAP types of accounts, you need to modify the registry to achieve the purpose of forced path created in the target .pst file.

1. WIN + R Enter REGEDIT, press Enter to open the Registry Editor

2. According to OFFICE version navigate to the following directory:

outlook backup views 2007:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \\ Software \\ Microsoft \\ Office \\ 12.0 \\ Outlook

Outlook 2010:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \\ Software \\ Microsoft \\ Office \\ 14.0 \\ Outlook

3. Create a new string value: ForcePSTPath and set its value to the path where you want to save the .pst.

4. Re-create the IMAP account, then the .pst file will be saved by default to the folder set in step 3.

Original address:


Recently, Shanghai Lovesoft Software Co., Ltd. launched its flagship product, Lovesoft Backup Software 2.0, which is a network backup software that Aihua spent four years trying to build for Chinese enterprises and institutions. The whole product has been added Hundreds of features are designed to create an enterprise-class backup platform for users with unified protection, comprehensive protection and security.

Love the number of backup software 2.0 Internet version as the number of love security backup program cornerstone, depending on the user's size is divided into Enterprise Edition and Small Business Edition, in Microsoft Windows and Linux environment to provide operating system, application systems and file data comprehensive protection. The new backup engine supports new features such as centralized backup, forced backup, and secure backup. The easy-to-use centralized management mode of the web interface greatly satisfies the daily PC backup and server backup requirements in the LAN. In addition, through multi-level management console, multi-media asynchronous real-time synchronization and other technologies, multi-sectoral and cross-regional branch offices to provide hierarchical protection and D2D2R remote disaster recovery.

According to He Hongfu, general manager of the number of love, said: 'At present, 95% of the domestic enterprises and institutions have not implemented an effective backup plan, hidden behind this figure is the number of love is very worried about the number, and the main reason for this situation Including the existing product cost of ownership and cost of use, as well as the status quo in China, the important data scattered IT structure, the lack of a backup product to meet these needs of Chinese users. '

Unified protection strategy

Love the number of backup software 2.0 Web Edition provides a powerful unified protection strategy, through a Web management interface, to achieve the unified management of servers and PCs. 2.0 network server protection, covering the Windows and Linux platforms, and supports 32-bit and the latest 64-bit technology and the latest RedHat Linux Enterprise, SUSE Linux and so on. Adopting the unique 'clustering' technology, we realize the incremental hot backup and disaster recovery of the server system. Users only need one set of software to fully protect the server operating system, applications and databases.

Love the number of backup software 2.0 online version of PC backup is particularly powerful, using ordinary client, client security and background client can achieve PC centralized backup, PC security backup and PC forced backup. And in the realization of file backup, in its point of origin of the original automatic synthesis backup technology, greatly reducing the backup bandwidth. In addition, the number of love in the PC backup for mail backup using the 'block image' technology to support all common mail client mail-level incremental backup, including best outlook backup software, Outlook Express, Foxmail, Thunderbird and so on.

Shandong FAW Love is the earliest application of its online version of the overall backup of one of the users, in understanding the love number 2.0 network version of the powerful features, immediately decided to upgrade the original 1.3 network version 2.0 network version. Director of Shandong FAW said: 'Since the beginning of 2007, the company has started to use AiSoft backup software to protect its 500PC and several 10 servers, and the products have been running very well.But after knowing that the launch of 2.0S network, its stronger management The introduction of a large number of new technologies for PC backup and the addition of Linux server backup can effectively solve the management complexity and cross-platform environment protection of a large number of PC backups, 'We plan to include 500 new PCs and servers in our new plant to provide a unified platform for data protection and mutual data disaster recovery between new and existing plants.'

Secure client

In this version of Love 2.0 released online, there is a very innovative feature: a secure client, which is used to protect the PC in the PC backup of confidential or critical information is not stolen during the backup process Or illegally accessed. After deploying the secure client, you must have legitimate authentication to gain access to client source data and use AES256 to automatically encrypt data on the transport and on your storage media.

Ningbo Xunhui is a typical small and medium-sized enterprise in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces. Its enterprise information application is very early, and now the entire company adopts computer office. As a new user of 2.0 Web Edition application, Ningbo Xunhui said: 'I love back-up software 2.0 online version is not only easy to help me to achieve a centralized backup of the company's PC and server, and I deploy a separate network backup in the finance department, All security clients are used for security backup, which not only solves the problem of important data in the finance department but also meets the requirements of the boss that they can not be accessed by non-financial department personnel. '


As one of the leading providers of data protection solutions in China, Lovesoft pioneered the secure backup with the help of 2.0 Web Edition, which has aroused widespread concern in the industry. 2.0 online version of the launch, but also love the number of its commitment to independent innovation. Its key features of unified management and secure backup are believed to provide more effective protection for the data security of enterprises and institutions in the data security risks of the informatization process in domestic enterprises. And its origins in China, serving China, rooted in China's operating principles, to provide users with the most cost-effective professional-grade backup software.


January 25, 2010 — The Finnish giants once again with a Nokia 920 shocked the world, including the media, including everyone think this opportunity to restore the decline of Nokia came, and according to online media reports Shanghai, a Nokia store, Nokia 920 sold out twice, showing that it has been favored by consumers, and now the latest innovations in the machine business Shengtong latest offer of 4499 yuan donated a health food, if you covet this phone has Long time to start it as soon as possible.

The picture shows the Nokia Lumia 920

Continuation of N9 Lumia920 shape, with 8.7 million pixel camera and 1.2 million pixel front camera, equipped with second-generation PureView camera technology. The machine uses a 4.5-inch large-screen design, resolution of up to 1280 × 768 pixels, pixel density up to 332ppi, the screen is Nokia called PureMotionHD +, is the best outlook backup software LCD display, and also supports ultra-sensitive touch technology.

The picture shows the Nokia Lumia 920

Some phones only provide you with a file browser, and Windows Phone brings you a great office experience. The only mobile phone with built-in Office Mobile that lets you view, edit and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and OneNote notes with anyone. No matter where you are, Office on Windows Phone automatically backs up your files to SkyDrive *, so you can read the latest status documents regardless of whether you work on your phone, laptop or tablet. Nokia 920 has a Windows Phone 8 smart system with full versions of Microsoft Office and Outlook. No matter where you are, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents can be easily created and edited with seamless synchronization technology.

The picture shows Nokia Lumia 920 built-in Office Mobile

Overall, Nokia Lumia920 WP system unmatched status of the Supreme, the industry as the key to turning this Nokia's battle, the aircraft so many bright spots, the importance can be imagined. On the other hand, the addition of the second generation of PureView imaging technology is also welcomed, extending the Nokia mobile phone in the fall and the advantages of the lens.


Most people now have multiple email accounts, so we'll add multiple email accounts in Outlook. If you need to reinstall Office or Windows, or if you need to transfer all of these account settings and mail from one machine to another machine, but it covers a lot of facets, but as long as we do step by step……

outlook sync software freeExport backup articles

First, Outlook multiple account information backup

Do not forget, Outlook is part of Microsoft Office. After installing Office 2003, open 'Start → Programs → Microsoft Office → Microsoft Office Tools → Microsoft Office 2003 User Settings Save Wizard' to open the 'Microsoft Office 2003 User Settings Save Wizard' dialog box. Click Next. As shown in Figure 1, select 'save the settings of the machine', click 'Next' in the dialog box that appears, select the file save location and file name (extension. Oops), click 'Finish', the system starts Back up the various personalized settings in the Office, including multiple account information for Outlook and Office user-configured registry information. With this information, restoring multiple account information is sufficient.

Second, backup Outlook mail and tasks, calendar and other information

Outlook stores the data in the Mail Application Programming Interface (MAPI) folder. The MAPI folder can be stored on a file called 'Personal Folders (.pst) File' on your hard disk and you can back up your entire Personal Folders (.pst) file using the following steps:

The first step: close any mail-related programs, such as Outlook, Microsoft Exchange or Windows Messenger;

Step 2: Click 'Start → Settings → Control Panel', open the 'Control Panel' window, double-click the 'Mail' icon to open the 'Outlook Properties' dialog box, click the 'Show Configuration File' button,

The third step: Click the appropriate profile, and then click the 'Properties' button;

Step four: Click the 'data file' button, then click to select the personal folder service to be backed up;


If you have more than one personal folder service in your profile, you must back up each personal folder (.pst) file separately.

Step 5: Click the 'Settings' button, note the path and file name listed;


Personal folders (.pst) files contain all of the data stored in Outlook and therefore may be too large. However, you can reduce the size of your personal folders (.pst) files by clicking the Start Compression button.

Step Six: Close all the properties window, find in the 'Explorer' or 'My Computer' just recorded. Pst file and make a backup.

Third, back up other information

If you have already made custom settings and want to copy those settings to another computer through Outlook, in addition to the personal folders (.pst) files, you also need to include the following files in your backups, typically stored in \u0026 lt; C: \\ Documents and Settings \\ username \\ Application Data \\ Microsoft \\ Outlook> folder:

★ Outcmd.dat: This file storage toolbar and menu settings;

★ \u0026 lt; Profile Name \u0026 gt; .fav: This is your Favorites file, which contains the settings for the Outlook Bar;

★ \u0026 lt; Profile Name \u0026 gt; .nk2: This file stores the nickname used for the 'AutoComplete' feature;

★ If you use Microsoft Word as the e-mail editor, the signature is stored as an AutoText entry in the file;

★ Custom Signature File Location: \u0026 lt; Drive: \\ Documents and Settings \\ username \\ Application Data \\ Microsoft \\ Signatures \u0026 gt ;; where 'drive' means the drive where Outlook is installed and 'username' means the user who is currently logged on name.


Each individual signature has its own file with the same name as you used when you created the signature. For example, if you create a signature named MySig, three signature files will be created in the Signatures folder with MySig as the main filename, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) format for .htm, .rtf ( Microsoft Outlook Rich Text Format (RTF) and plain text .txt files.

Import recovery articles

Well, with the backup and preparation of the above information, you can now go bold with these backed-up data. Re-install the system Ye Hao, mobile office Ye Hao, as long as the re-import or restore the saved information, everything can be resumed as ever.

The first step: For the newly installed Outlook, the first start will pop up 'outlook sync software reviews 2003 Startup' wizard, click 'Cancel' button to end the configuration, start Outlook.


If the machine has been configured for Outlook Express account information, will also ask when you start the import, will be 'canceled.'

Step Two: Open 'Start → Programs → Microsoft Office → Microsoft Office Tools → Microsoft Office 2003 User Settings Save Wizard', open the 'Microsoft Office 2003 User Settings Save Wizard' dialog box, click 'Next' 1 dialog box, select 'Restore the original settings to restore the application to the machine,' click 'Finish' button to start the recovery, the recovery is complete, click 'Exit' button to end.

The third step: import personal folders (. Pst) file data. On the File menu, click Import and Export. In the Import and Export Wizard dialog box that is displayed, click Import from another program or file, and then click Next. Click Personal Folders File (.pst), and then click Next. Click the Browse button to enter the path and file name of the personal folder (.pst) file you want to back up, and then click Next, as shown in Figure 3, select the folder you want to import, or select the top level of the hierarchy to Import all content, and finally click the 'Finish' button to all the previous personal folders, mail, plans, notes all back to basics.


In Figure 3 be sure to check 'Include subfolders,' or you can only import part of the information.

Step four: restore other information. Close Outlook, if you want to restore the previously on Outlook layout changes and adjustments, as well as personal signatures and other information directly to the above file copy to the appropriate folder.

Finally, to note is that if the two machines hardware and software configuration environment vary greatly, for example: due to changes in login user name and other reasons, the original backup disk partition or folder location does not exist, there will be a corresponding start Prompt, as shown in Figure 4, at this time, as long as the 'OK' button, it will pop up a window to allow users to re-select the new location. Specified a new location, the next time you start there will be no similar prompt. Of course, a certain basis of users can also change the key value to the registry. Recommended to do backup, choose a simpler system environment.

How To Improve At Gmail Login Page In 60 Minutes

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email address contact information is inexpensive (Microsoft Hosted Exchange is $5. If you could have a compromised IIS server along with the account can be an Active Directory account, the attacker featuring access into a domain account to complete further damage. Let's also keep in mind Gmail isn't the initial ISP to utilize image. Prihranjeno nam je e prerivanje v mnoici kupcev, ki moderne nakupovalne centre okupirajo predvsem ob nedeljah in drenjanje iz prepolnega parkiri'. Gmail can tick the checkbox on each of the messages currently on-screen. According to Global Genes, rare diseases affect 30 million people inside United States and of the 30 million 80% are attributable to messed up genetics. So, I suspect you should set the reply address with your Gmail settings:. After numerous years of searching, he finds the wise woman about the mountaintop and asks: 'Oh, wise woman, wise woman. Here is my challenge for your requirements: get whatever device you make use of to manage your calendar and schedule in a little while for yourself. It locks up my data connection whenever, doesn’t ensure that it stays in drafts, so I have to some) lose what I typed and b) uninstall it for getting my internet connection to be effective again.

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How To Handle Every Gmail To Check Your Gmail Challenge With Ease Using These Tips

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Google is among the leaders in eliminating for end-to-end encryption and arguing against legally mandated backdoors. Then, using a recent Sunday, as I walked throughout the parking lot toward church and looked with the large colored windows, I saw light shining out on the church. But the real question for you is' Is Google Buzz suitable to cause website visitors to want to start out using another social media in addition to or instead in the social networks they're already using. Se voc quer ficar na caixa de entrada de algum, precisa ter certeza de que eles esto interagindo com suas mensagens. Am finding trouble to log into my account by utilizing my phone, Lumia 520 when am using Nokia X2, I signing in without trouble so what on earth should I do today to deal with this matter. I tried clicking site and I tried right clicking and save link as yet still nothing. I got nothing against labels, they merely don’t seem such as a big step forward in my opinion. Naslednja izmed najoitnejih koristi internetnih trgovin je, da lahko tam naroimo praktino vse. If they've known you appreciate their efforts, they will design your work much simpler. If you might have established personal cards, make timely payments, and carry an excellent personal credit history, you may have little problem securing a company card.

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